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Publications on Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoecology


BOYD, P.D.A. 1984. Biological remains from the sediments associated with the Cattewater Wreck and their archaeological significance. In REDKNAP, M. 1984 The Cattewater Wreck - the investigation of an armed vessel of the early sixteenth century. National Maritime Museum, Greenwich Archaeological Series No. 8. (B.A.R. British Series, 131), 121- 127.

BOYD, P.D.A. 1981(a). The palaeoecology of estuarine deposits associated with archaeological sites with particular reference to the City of London (synopsis). In Brothwell and Dimbleby 1981. Environmental aspects of coasts and islands. Symposia for the Association for Environmental Archaeology, 1. (B.A.R. International Series, 94), 87-88.

BOYD, P.D.A. 1981(b). The micropalaeontology and palaeoecology of medieval estuarine sediments from the Fleet and Thames in London. In Neale and Brasier 1981 Microfossils from Recent and Fossil Shelf Seas. Ellis Horwood, Chichester, 274- 292. Web version available

While undertaking postgraduate research at the University of Sheffield 1970-74, Peter Boyd gave several talks and poster sessions on his research, abstracts of which where reproduced in the newsletters of the relevant bodies. Those named below do not have the status of 'academic publications':-

BOYD, P.D.A. 1974 (a). Organic-walled microplankton and other microfossils as palaeosalinity indicators in the Middle Jurassic of the Inner Hebrides'. Palaeontological Association Circular 78a, November 1974. Abstract of paper presented to a Palaeontological Association Meeting at Bristol University on 'The Recognition of Brackish-water Assemblages in the Fossil Record'. 17th December 1974.

BOYD, P.D.A. 1974 (b). The Micropalaeontology of the Middle Jurassic of the Inner Hebrides. British Micropalaeontological Group Circular No 9 April 1974. Synopsis of paper presented to the British Micropalaeontological Group at University College London on 20th February 1974.

BOYD, P.D.A. 1972 (a). An assemblage approach to the study of microfossils from the Middle Jurassic of Scotland. Palaeontological Association Circular . Abstract of paper and demonstration presented to a Palaeontological Association Meeting at Oxford University in December 1972.

BOYD, P.D.A. 1972 (b). Scanning electron micrographs of microfossils from the Middle Jurassic of Scotland. Poster/Demonstration at Palaeontological Association/British Micropalaeontological Group Demonstration Meeting at Leicester University on 'The Use of the Electron Microscope in Palaeontology', October 1972.

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