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Publications on Ferns and Pteridomania


BOYD, P.D.A. 2005. 'Ferns and Pteridomania in Victorian Scotland''. The Scottish Garden. Winter 2005. Web version available

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BOYD, P.D.A. 1993. Mauchline Fernware and the Victorian Passion for Ferns. Mauchline Ware Collectors Club Newsletter, 24, 2-3.

BOYD, P.D.A. 1992. Report on British Pteridological Society Field Meeting in North Devon, 23rd-27th September 1992. Bulletin of British Pteridological Society, 4, 114-117. Web version available

BOYD, P.D.A. 1992. The Victorian Fern Cult in South West Britain. In IDE, JERMY and PAUL 1992. Fern Horticulture: Past, Present and Future Perspectives. Intercept, Andover. 33-56. (Proceedings of the British Pteridological Society Centenary Symposium held in 1991). Web version available (full text now available)

BOYD, P.D.A. 1989. The New Museum of North Devon - A Commitment to Ferns, Pteridology and Pteridomania. Pteridologist, 1, 276-278.


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